1 in 3 Teens Will Become Pregnant By The Age Of 20-- 1/3 Of Those Women Will Go On To Have An Abortion

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When we speak about helping those who are abortion vulnerable, we are primarily speaking about supporting teens and college-aged women who may find themselves in a difficult situation.

Understanding statistics is valuable when mentoring to those around you-- 1 in 3 women will become pregnant before the age of 20. This means that for every three college aged women you know, one has most likely faced an unplanned pregnancy...and if you know no single moms, chances are someone you know has had an abortion.

One way to fight the abortion disease is to make sure all of the young women in your life understand you won't let them become a statistic if they face an unintended pregnancy in the future, no matter what the circumstances. 

Knowing a support system is in place if they should become pregnant may be the difference between life and death for their unborn child.

When we ask for a Pledge of either $20 {to a pregnancy resource center via CareNet Pregnancy Centers, Heartbeat International, or Birthright International} *or* 5 hours of your time to an at-risk family, we include not-yet-pregnant, abortion vulnerable families.

Your willingness to support them before they face an "emergency" situation may incline them to come to you when they've discovered they could be pregnant.

It's easy for you to develop a close and loving relationship with a young woman in your family -- and note I didn't say an "at risk" young woman in your family. Every young woman will contemplate abortion when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. 

A love protest shouldn't {primarily} be about money. It should focus on preventing the trapped feeling a woman has when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. It should focus on making sure she can finish school and provide for her child. 

While a donation is great- love in action will always be better. 

(Image is also available as a downloadable PDF with statistical links embedded- please email me for further information.)

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