Love Is A Verb

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love is a verb... Well, I know it's also a noun, but in our case when we talk about love protests, we're talking about the verb love.

So, think on that. 

What actions can we all take to make our world a better, more welcoming place for families faced with a difficult situation? 

How can we present ourselves to others in a way which conveys our willingness to love them unconditionally?

I know when I was a young mom (at 17) I found the time people gave me to be invaluable. 

My son's grandmother was instrumental in helping me to hold down a job and continue attending school. Without her caring for my son, I may have ended up a lot worse off than I was.  Daycare isn't always flexible enough for a young mom who has multiple obligations in addition to their child rearing duties. She also went above and beyond by bringing my son to work so that I could nurse him, when I could not express enough breast milk to leave her a bottle.

My own grandfather would often come pick me up at my apartment and drive me to work, even though it was way out of his way. Many young parents can not maintain both a household and an automobile. The lack of reliable transportation can be the difference between welfare and a decent job. 

When I wrote the pledge, I asked people to donate $20 or 5 hours. I wanted to make it easy for anyone to participate, but really what I'm hoping for is a donation of time. 

Time from your schedule to let someone know that they're important. 

Time to develop a solid relationship with someone, a bond which will carry over into their child's life.

Time which will demonstrate to them that all lives are important enough for someone to notice them-- when they see themselves as valuable, even in less than optimal circumstances, they will be able to see others as valuable as well. In addition, your attention and concern expresses your unconditional love to them.

Love is a verb, and your practice of it can make a huge difference in someone else's life. 

Be bold in your love. 

No one ever suffered from someone loving them too much. We only suffer when we are not loved well enough.

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