Doubting Thomas: How To Show A Hurting World That God's Love is Real

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Last weekend in church we heard the story of doubting Thomas, who wouldn't believe in the risen Christ until he could touch his wounds. 

The story has been sitting in my head over the last week. While it's not a perfect analogy, I'd like to share my thoughts on how I believe this story illustrates part of why a love protest is so important.

In our current times, many people have a difficult time believing in the risen Christ because his wounds are not visible to them. 

All they see is the sealed tomb; the death of hope.

No good news. 

No resurrected Christ.

Why is this the case when the Gospel has been spread far and wide? Everyone should know of the resurrection by this point. 

But people are starving. For love, for stability, for financial solvency.

They're starving for proof of God. 

They haven't seen the reality of His love manifest itself in a tangible way. 

This is a shame.

There are billions of Christians in this world. Loving our neighbors {and our enemies} should cause such an overwhelming flow of charity that no one goes to sleep hungry at night. 

Like Thomas they need to have some physical manifestation of God here in this time and place.

We could be a "proof" of the resurrection.
But we aren't. 

We Christians can be particularly uncharitable -- especially in terms of pregnancy outside of marriage.

This is part of why a love-protest is *so* important.

While we couldn't even begin to compare our good works to Christ's wounds, this doesn't mean we can't try our hardest to be an example of His love on this earth. We can be an introduction to the Gospel for someone who  doubts.

When we come as Christians to help fragile families, we are a witness to the resurrection. We are proof positive of the power of God's love.

In holding out a hand to our neighbor, we're  trying to bypass the "welfare system", which so often entraps families in a cycle of poverty.

In sharing stories, we can encourage others to hold out a safety net so families can move beyond their trapped situation: a situation which often times leads to pregnancy terminations. 

No one dreams about being poor. For those  families who do manage to overcome poverty many do so because they have very small families. And that's ok..... But what if those small families are a result of abortion?

Are we willing to risk babies lives because we don't want to associate with people "in the system"? Because "welfare moms" are somehow beneath us?

I know I'm not. This is so much more important than a political point to be made. I'm motivated with love to make sure no one ever has to feel their unborn child could be a burden. I try to be encouraging those who are less fortunate than I am. I make sure they know how important they are to me, and in turn I hope they begin to see how important the potential new lives they will bring into the world are.

We all need to be told we are valuable. We all need someone to tell us they're glad we were born. 

Helping people gives us the opportunity to show them the wounds of Christ: they receive the opportunity to learn about the plans He has for them, which are not plans for despair but plans for their good. 

People can't always hear the Gospel when they're hungry.

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